Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Food For Thought - Summer 2009

In debates about gay marriage, some Mormons are quick to point out that the Church doesn’t discriminate between heterosexual and homosexual members because it requires all unmarried members to live the Law of Chastity. Some heterosexual members of the Church remain single – and therefore celibate – throughout their entire lives and so it is not unreasonable to require the same of homosexual members, it is argued. However, where dating and companionship are concerned, it seems that Church policy differs, depending on whether one is straight or gay.

Straight members, for instance, may remain single and chaste their entire lives, but they are free to date and engage is non-sexual behavior such as:

• Hand holding
• Innocent kissing
• Hugging and caressing

Unmarried couples can sit in church or attend school at BYU and engage in such non-sexual courting behavior without facing discipline. A chaste homosexual couple, on the other hand, would likely encounter trouble from their bishop or authorities at BYU for an open display of affection. It seems, therefore, that gay members are required not only to be celibate, but alone.

Question: Do you think heterosexual and homosexual members alike be permitted to engage in non-sexual displays of affection deemed acceptable outside of marriage without being subject to discipline from the Church? Why or why not?

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Anonymous said...

I don't really have much to say other than I feel that if the church says that they hold homosexual members of the church to the same standards as heterosexual members of the church, then they should do just that. If it is okay for a straight couple to hold hands, kiss, and cuddle, then it should be okay for a gay couple to do the same.

I know it isn't much, but it is what I think.

The Seavy Clan said...

You TOTALLY miss the point! THEY CAN kiss and cuddle and hold hands and all they want... with members of the opposite sex! What IS the purpose behind kissing and holding hands???? WHY do we "date" and court??? To find an.. say it with me.. ETERNAL COMPANION! YAY!! =\ Now, how cruel is it to become sooo attached to someone and then NEVER be able to marry them in the temple?? God sets these laws to PROTECT us, not control us!!! You can be GAY.. you can choose to be bi.. you can choose to have sex as heterosexuals unmarried. BUT, YOU are the one causing the your OWN eternal damnation. Not "damn" as in God's gonna punish you because you won't be good and do what He wants. NOooo. "Damn", in the way that holds back PROGRESS. Anyone can, and everyone HAS, "damned" themselves to some extent or another. ONLY when you repent and align yourself with Eternal Truths of God's LAWS can you get back on the path to grow and progress. Now.. what's a "law"? In this case a law is not like, oh, you broke the rule go to time out for 5 mins. The "law" in this case is, two men cannot naturally conceive children, neither can two women. So in this case, God set the laws, which can't be broken and then dodge the consequences. Accepting and embracing the CHOICE to ACT on homosexual feelings/urges cuts you off from being FREE to PROGRESS in Eternity!! ::big breath:: Now, I want to hear that big, "Ohhhhhh, now I get it!" loud clear, boys and girls! =D